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Outdoor sports, nature, history and culture, entertainment and amusement, West Palm Beach has it all. The tourists dont need to travel a distance to get a difference. All the variety lies within minutes of the other.

To start off the vacation with a unique experience, one needs to go and visit the Peanut Islands taking a boat ride. This island was intended as an underground bomb shelter by President Kennedy, though it was never used. In the 20th century it has become a tourist spot where one can go and explore the environment of the underground bunker and experience what it would have been during the wars, with slight imagination.

One also gets to experience the beauty of nature in the island, turning it into a one day adventure. Then there is the Ann Norton Sculpture garden which is a serene garden with sculptures holding historic significance, so it is also educationally enriching along with being a place for relaxation.

It also holds an art gallery. Of course, then there is the Norton Museum of Art which has recently undergone a huge renovation. It showcases masterpieces by Picasso, Monet, etc.

An attraction which has to be mentioned is the Clematis Street, on which is lined up several very happening night clubs, boutiques, historic landmarks, restaurants, etc. It is situated in downtown West Palm Beach.
For audiences of performing arts, the Kravis centre is a must which is huge, and holds over 800 events over the year, and showcases some of the best in performing arts.

West Palm Beach has its own Zoo in Dreher Park, which is known as the Palm Beach Zoo holds a huge variety of animals. There is also the Lions Country Safari which was one of the first open drives through safaris, a concept devoted to animal lovers, where the animals are in the open.
There are many such nature centers like the Okeeheelee Nature Centre and the Dyer Park.

For golf lovers there are huge number of well landscaped large golf courses like the West Palm Beach golf course and the Emeralds Dunes golf course.

There is a huge street market, known as the Green Market, where shoppers who love a bargain have a paradise to shop in. It should be gone to mostly at the morning times.

The West Palm Beach is place where tourists have huge list of attractions to choose from and never get bored.
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West Palm Beach Attractions - The Vacation Variety

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This article was published on 2010/10/30